Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, And Other Services

NC Geek offers cell phone, computer, and other services for private and corporate devices. All of our services include a free in-store diagnosis of all repairs. Our prices are before tax, which is included at the time of purchase.

Cell Phone Services

If you’re looking for an inexpensive cell phone plan, we can set you up with a flash phone featuring Page Plus for $29.99. You can choose the data plan you need:

  • $12.00: 250 minutes, 250 Text, 10 MB of Data
  • $29.95: 1200 minutes, 3000 Text, 500 MB of Data
  • $39.95: Unlimited Talk and Text, 1 GB of Data
  • $55.00: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data, 3 GB of high speed Data
  • $69.99: Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, first 5 GB of high speed Data

NC Geek will repair your cracked phone screen, or provide a replacement if necessary.

We also buy any used cell phone.

Need a replacement battery or charger? We have batteries available for $24.99 and chargers for several types of phones for $14.99.

Computer Services

We offer a number of computer services to keep your laptops and desktop computers virus-free and operating at an optimal level. We can make extensive repairs as well, providing accurate estimates based on your specific machine.

NC Geek provides data backup for all users on the computer or laptop, such as photos, videos, music, and documents which are on your computer’s hard drive, for $49.99. This does not include programs backup.

Computer network design and support, including router and setup of all home or office devices, is available for both desktop computers and laptops for $129.99

NC Geek also offers malware removal, system reinstalls, virus protection installation, and upgrades for your desktop or laptop for $69.99.

For installation and setup of the antivirus software of your choice, our price is $29.99. You can pay a lot more for antivirus software in stores which you have to install yourself, so this service is a great deal!

Hardware replacement is available for $89.99, plus the cost of the parts, and includes replacing the motherboard, DC jack, laptop keyboard, or other hardware parts as needed.

Laptop screen replacement is $69.99 plus the parts. The parts average $130 for 15.6, 15.4, or 17 inch screens. We can give you an appropriate estimate when you call.

Forget the password for your computer? NC Geek offers password reset services for $29.99.

Our tech team can also create recovery disks for your operating system for $49.99.

We can buy any used laptop with clean ESN.

Google Accounts Removal Services

NC Geek in Fayetteville, North Carolina offers Google Accounts Removal Services on all Android devices.

If you forgot your password to your account and can't get in the account to delete it, we can take care of it for you!

Other Services

NC Geek in Fayetteville, North Carolina also offers other services to meet the service and repair needs of all your electronic devices.

In addition to computer network design and support, we offer the same service for your TV, PS3, Xbox, or printer. From a simple fix in your cable network to complete network programming for video gaming systems, we provide these services for $129.99

If you enjoy gaming on your personal desktop, we can build gaming specifications on your device for $185.99 plus the cost of parts.

Upgrade your hard drive to store more game data, up to 1 TB, or get repairs done on your Xbox or PS3 for $49.99

We also have color and black ink cartridges for your printer. For the price of the ink you need for your printer model, give us a call.

Magnetic car signs are available for $94.95. They include 2 sides with one of our designs or your own. The usual size is 18x24, but we can create other sizes as well.

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